Dr. Rosie

Workshop Topics

All topics can be presented in 45 minutes, or up to a full day.

Building Generational Wealth Via Proper Estate Planning

Putting Your Financial House In Order—With Your Living Trust

Customer Service

Team Building

How to Do an Effective Performance Appraisal

Time Management

Managing Diversity in the Work Place

Conflict Resolutions-Adults; Children; Home; Work Place

How to be A Team Player

How to Manage Others with Maximum Result

Parenting Skills for the New Millennium

How to Have Balance as a Single Parent

How to Have Better Health and More Energy

How to Have a Healthy and Balanced Relationship

How to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out

How to Have Balance and Peace for the Professional Woman on the Move

How to Create a New You in Six Weeks and Reinvent Yourself

Why Church Needs To Talk About Sex

How Not To BE a Victim of Crime

The Chronically Ill and The Disabled Spouse Needs Romance, Intimacy and Sex Too

How to Cope With an Impotent Husband or Impotent Wife

A Will or a Living Trust-Which One Is Right For You

How to Maximize the Potentials in the Child with Attention Deficit Disorder

How to Motivate and Stimulate the Elderly to Stay Active and Involved

Building Self-worth and Enhancing Self-esteem among the Elderly

Money Management for the Single Parent and the Elderly

Helping the Elderly Overcome Loneliness and Depression

Meeting the Needs of Today's Elderly

Getting Rid of Baggage and Removing Clutter From Your Life

Learn How To Erase No! Step Over Can't! And Go For Your Dreams